Schiller Pianos were established in Germany in 1884 by Gustav Joahann Schiller. Gustav was the son of a local furniture maker and was recognized by his father at a young age for his natural talent for wood working. As he grew into a young adult Gustav eventually joined his father’s successful furniture company and took on the roll of Master Crafstman.

When Gustav was not working for his father he spent the majority of his time admiring and absorbing music. He began to play the piano for local theaters and soon his love of piano and his talent of wood working began to merge. Gustov spent the years of his late teens begging his father to send him to Leipzig to learn from the piano building masters and eventually his father consented. At the age of 19 he ventured out on his own to apprentice under the premier Leipzig Piano Company of Breikopf & Hartel.

Within three years Gustav had proved himself a Master Caftsman at Breikopf & Hartel. He had also become love stricken with his childhood romantic interest and decided to return home to marry her. It was at their first year of their anniversary when Gustav presented his bride with his first table piano. Within months he had built another for the one of the theaters he previously played at. These two instruments became the first prototype designs for his company, Schiller Piano.

Schiller Pianos (USA) presently employes German engineering and high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques through partnerships in Europe and Asia. Component partnerships include Langer (actions), Strunz (sounding boards), Renner (hammers), VGF (felt), Roslaue (premium strings), Klinke (tuning pegs), B.A.S.F. (cabinet finishes) and PianoDisc (player piano systems).

A global network of unique partners at Schiller Pianos (USA) now oversee strict quality control standards. Technical advice is used from partners in Germany, which are directed to manufactures from Pearl River Group (Premium models) and Parsons Music (Concert models) from the main office in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Post-importation preparation, quality control, warehousing, distribution, exportation and sales are completed at the Schiller Pianos (USA) Wisconsin location.

Schiller Pianos (USA) Premium Models consist of grand pianos that measure 4’10” to 7′ in length. Upright pianos are 43” to 52” in height. Model names such as Leipzig, Berlin, Serenity, Johann Gustav and Frankfurt fall within the Premium Model lineup. These pianos feature hardwood laminate rims, sand-cast harps, Siberian Sitka Spruce double-crowned sounding boards, German Felt hammers, reverse-contoured solid Maple bridges and butcher-block key beds. Cabinets are finished with German B.A.S.F. Polyester finishes. Premium Models are manufactured at the state-of-the-art Pearl River Factory in Guangzhou in south-west Asia. Premium models are known for a light and responsive key action along with a warm and crisp sound.

Schiller Pianos (USA) Concert Models are high-performance grand pianos that measure 4’8” to 7’6” in length. Upright pianos are 46” to 52” in height. These pianos feature Able hammers, Strunz sounding boards, Langer actions, Delignite pin blocks, Klinke agraffes, and hardwood Birch & Maple rims. Langer key actions are specifically weighted to 52.5 grams. Cabinets are finished with German B.A.S.F. Polyester finishes. Concert Models are manufactured at the state-of-the-art Parsons Music Factory in south-west Asia. Premium models are known for their full-color tone and empowering volume.