C47 Concert Professional Upright Piano


Schiller Concert C47 Upright Piano measures 47” in height.

German-made Abel Mahogany Core Hammers are highly lightweight, responsive and come standard on the Schiller Concert C47. Strunz Sounding Board from Germany supplies supplies tone wood that is simply the best. The English Langer Piano Action gives positive feel and motion to your playing.


  • Aluminum Rail & Action Parts
  • HP Carbon Action
  • Abel Mahogany Core Hammers from Germany (Highly Responsive and Lightweight)
  • Extended Length Keys
  • European Cabinet Design Work with Nickel Silver Appointments
  • Square Tube Pedal Levers
  • Extruded Aluminum Action Rail
  • Strunz Sounding Board with Sounding Board Tone Enhancer
  • Klinke A Graff String Optimizing Guides
  • Sound-Escapement Flip Top
  • Silent Practice Pedal

German-Made Components:

  • Strunz Sounding Board
  • Abel Hammers
  • Roslau Strings
  • Klinke A Graffes

With their hands-on approach, Schiller Pianos achieve their goal of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all musicians.