Leipzig 5 ft Grand Piano






Warm Piano Clarity with Authority in Sound

Sound – Touch – Assurance – Stability

The Very life of the Piano lies at the Pianists Fingertips. The Keys are linked to the Strings by the Piano Action. Friedrich Piano Action ™ is part of a 126 Year Schiller Tradition. The perfect touch finds its mate with a fat rich sound from the emanating from the Roslau Blue Strings.

The 5 Foot Leipzig Baby Grand fits wonderfully into most settings and is our 2nd most popular model. The Warm Clarity of the Sound we here credit to many factors:

  • Siberian Sitka Spruce Sounding Board
  • German VGF Felt
  • Hardwood Walnut inner and outer rim that does not absorb but pushes the sound out into your room

For those seeking the Best, look to Schiller.

The most important thing is achieving the optical correlation between the force which depresses the key and the force that returns it to it’s original position. The first determines the “feel” of the piano, while the second determines how soon the key can be played again. For the perfect performance, Schiller uses their Proprietary Friedrich Piano Action ™. The Piano Actions are made and installed by maestros to provide the traditional European sense of touch and feeling for the perfect performance everytime.


  • Roslau Strings Germany
  • Siberian Sitka Spruce
  • Friedrich Piano Action ™
  • German Vgf Felt
  • BASF Finish
  • Walnut Hardwood Inner and Outer Rim

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