Schiller Limited Edition 52


A Schiller Limited Edition Upright Piano

Roslau (Blue Label Strings) couple with German VGF Felt compliment this 52″ Limited Edition Piano. Discriminating concert and performing artists will be delighted with the robust sound and predictable, free flowing Friedrich Action that is complimented by the Siberian Spruce sounding board and walnut cabinet.

Quality Instills the Schiller Limited Edition Upright Piano. All materials are the highest quality and every production step endlessly scrutinized. Every Piano stays 6 – 12 hours in the Voicing Room. In fact, the last critical phase of the process is to voice each piano. German VFG Felt, Outwardly Soft and Inwardly Hard, gives our Voice Technicians good material to work with for Soft Expression and more Authoritative Tone when Striking Hard. German Roslau Bass Strings are all Hand Tied by our Senior Craftsman.

For those seeking the Best, look to Schiller.

The most important thing is achieving the optical correlation between the force which depresses the key and the force that returns it to it’s original position. The first determines the “feel” of the piano, while the second determines how soon the key can be played again. For the perfect performance, Schiller uses their Proprietary Friedrich Piano Action ™. The Piano Actions are made and installed by maestros to provide the traditional European sense of touch and feeling for the perfect performance every time.

• Nickel Plated Accents
•4 Position Top Enshrouds You With Tone
• Sculpted Design
• German Roslau Strings
• Siberian Sitka Spruce
• Friedrich Piano Action ™
• German Vgf Felt
• BASF Finish
• Mortised Hardwood Inner and Outer Rim Sealed and Finished Minimize Humidity Fluctuation
• Optional Birch-wood Decoration

• Friedrich Piano Action with Traditional Maple Construction
• Spruce Beams
• Vertically Laminated Maple Cap Bridge
• Butcher Block Spruce Key Bed
• Sand Cast Plate
• Nickle Plated Steel Cut Thread Tuning Pins