Watch & Listen To The Schiller Carbon Action!

Carbon action parts maximize the strength of each keystroke delivered to the hammers and ultimately to the Sounding Board for a rich and crisp tone.

The Schiller Piano Company has crafted a very important relationship with the Strunz Company. 


Strunz has been producing piano Sounding Boards exclusively in Germany since 1820.  The Strunz Sounding Boards are harvested from select trees which grow in the higher elevations of the Alps.  Their growth demonstrates even maturity which is evident in the fine ring structure of the tone wood.  Stringent quality tests are done on each Sounding Board before the Strunz Quality “Made in Germany” Stamp is put on each Sounding Board. 

This high-quality tone wood acts as the heart of all of the Schiller Concert Grand and Upright Pianos.  Our Schiller workers, along with those of Strunz, take great pride in their work which ultimately brings the Schiller sound to life for people the world over.